Grant Applications and Criteria


While inquiries may be made directly to the Wexford Foundation, the Grants Committee conducts its own search each year of all 501(c)3 charities in Beaufort County who meet the Foundation's mission, which focuses on housing, health, hunger and education. 

Grants Committee members interview charity staff in order to validate their needs. A formal grant application is sent to all charities who are selected, requesting detailed information on the charity's history, management, financial status & stability, and how the grant will be used to meet the the charity's mission.

Grant Selection and Approval


The Committee evaluates applications giving consideration to:


  • proposed use of funds in light of the agency's mission
  • demonstrated effectiveness of the charity's work
  • management structure and organization 
  • financial controls and qualifications
  • expected impact on the community 
  • potential conflict of interests 
  • past grant history, and
  •  the dollar amount of the grant award requested. 

Grants Committee recommendations are submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and final approval.  Successful recipients receive their grants at the Annual Grants Award Luncheon held in February each year. 

Grants Follow Up


The Grants Committee and the Trustees value their relationship with the grant recipients and take the opportunity to work with them to ensure that grants meet the original objectives and are effective in serving the needs of the community. 

Communication and public relations are a valuable part of the ongoing relationship with the grant recipients and are important in the consideration of future additional or sustaining grants. 

Major Impact Grants


In addition to the annual grant process, the Grants Committee is pleased to consider needs which will significantly assist in the development of a particular charity and dramatically impact the work that it is doing. 

While fewer in number, Major Impact Grants are typically larger awards to charities who have demonstrated a history of strong all-round management and who bring forward specific projects and plans which will have a major impact on the community. 

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